Leather rand Twill Bucket Bags with Fringe

Our client, Kate, brought us some plain twill buckets that she found in Columbia.  She brought about 12 of them back and asked us to give them some leather flair.

These twill bucket bags were already great.  But adding full-grain, oil-tanned leather fringe really set these things off.   On some of them, we used a beautiful Tennessee Whiskey colored leather to create some 4" fringe.  Leaving the top part of the fringe with about 1.25" to run a double-stitched line.  This kept the fringe attached to the bucket, while adding some contrast to the leather parts.  



On the others, we used a Full-Grain Ranchero Black oil-tanned leather for the fringe.  We used a natural colored bonded nylon thread on all of the bags - that stuff goes great with almost ANYTHING!



We those same two full-grain oil-tanned leathers to cut some 1" straps.  Carefully, the straps were doubled (one on top of the other - finished side out) and stitched with a contrasting bonded nylon thread.   The stitching was both stylish and functional, as it minimizes stretching of the straps when the bucket bag is carrying anything of significant weight.  



Next, we attached the straps with some stylish brass rings (on the brown fringe bags) and chrome rings (on the black fringe bags) to really compliment the bag and leather colors.   

Even though they boogered up my sewing machine a couple of times, I think the fringe added a nice whimsical look, while keeping the bags colorful and classy.  

We think they turned out beautifully!  

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