Hand-Tooled Custom Leather Guitar Strap

December 23, 2015


Hand-tooled custom leather guitar strap with suede liner


This guitar strap was made “pro bono” for my Nephew, Paolo.   Like him, it’s classic and sleek!  He’s off to Dartmouth now so, hopefully, he took it with him.

Beautiful Hermann Oak leather, hand-carved with flames and  also featuring Paolo's name stamped and hand beveled.   We dyed this thing DEEP black with a matte finish.  


Custom leather guitar strap black with red velvet pigskin suede


Next, we lined this guitar strap with red velvet pigskin suede, giving it a sinister look that is soft to the touch and stays put while playing.  

Finished it off with re, bonded nylon stitching.  Durable, tough, and made to last.  

Like all of our guitar straps, it’s a two-piece adjustable configuration, so you can use it on almost any style of guitar.  

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