Custom Leather Ping Pong Table Net

 Custom Leather Ping Pong Table Net - Front View

This beautiful Ping Pong table net was commissioned by my client, Sarah.   Sarah had a beautiful custom ping pong table made out of various exotic woods and wanted a net that complimented the beauty of the table. Of course, with such a beautiful ping-pong table, she didn't want to go out and buy just "any" net for the table. 

Sarah had a great idea to have a beautiful ping-pong table net made from fine leathers.  Naturally, she called Full House Custom Leather and we got right to work, designing the net together. 

What we ended up with was beautiful!  Our custom, hand-made leather ping pong table net was crafted from a side of full-grain, Crazy Horse Oil tanned pull-up leather.   Of course, we had to make it regulation size, so the net measures 60″w x  6″h.  For added strength and some rigidity, we hand-crafted gussets to facilitate mounting over her custom net mounting hardware.   The ping pong table net also features 49 hand-punched 1" holes, hand-set copper burr rivets, and natural bonded nylon stitching for a durable and classy finish.  

Having designed and crafted the net with the table sight-unseen, I really had to communicate effectively with Sarah on measurements, etc.   I was pretty nervous when we did the test fitting, but it was an absolute PERFECT fit!

Check out the photos of this beautiful hand-made leather ping-pong table net and let us know what you think!

 Hope you love it, Sarah!!



 Custom Leather Ping Pong Table Net - Full View

 Custom Leather Ping Pong Table Net - Opposite Side View

Custom Leather Ping Pong Table Net - Side View

Custom Leather Ping Pong table net gusset


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